Dog Video Shoots

As a dog photographer my absolute passion is creating gorgeous professional photos for people to cherish forever, however there's something that a video can capture that a photo can not. Why not really treat your fury friend(s) to a professional full HD 3 minute film of them running around doing what they love most, having fun! With the equipment to really capture high quality footage such as a drone and gimbal to keep the footage lovely and smooth you'll end up with a 2-3 minute video that you'll be able to share with all your friends on social media and keep watching it over and over again in years to come. When we lost our gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gamba we were so happy that not only did we have stunning photos of him but also lots of great videos of him being him!

The video shoot will last about 2 hours and I'll take various different shots. Some will be taken on a drone if you're dog doesn't mind the noise. I will also run along side, behind and in front holding my camera on a gimbal to capture really smooth action shots. There will also be lots of still shots and also some with yourself in if you wish! There are lots of different royalty free sound tracks to go along with the video that you can choose yourself. I recommend doing the video shoot up at the Roaches but I am happy to do an in home shoot for the less mobile dog!

Watch this short example video of one of our dogs, Dolly! This is a shorter clip than what you would end up with. Click here to view prices  

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