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Although I have already reviewed a great little local business Sweetpea & Boo who make wonderful dog collars, this review is of a slightly different collar that I feel very passionate about.

Gamba, my Rhodesian Ridgeback has been suffering with arthritis for around a year or so now. He has clearly been in a lot of pain, often crying and limping after our walks, so they have been getting shorter and we have had to walk on the roads rather than over the fields which Gamba loved to run around in. After just a short walk to the end of the road, Gamba would struggle to walk up the steps to our house and would be slow and stiff for the rest of the day. He struggled to get up off his bed, struggled to stand up for any longer than about 30 seconds and couldn’t even give you his paw without stumbling and whimpering. If you’ve ever met a Ridgeback, you’ll know that they are very proud dogs and frankly, it was really upsetting seeing my best friend struggle and lose some of his dignity. Not long afterwards, he had a nasty fall and injured his hock which really set him back and after a visit to the vets, we discovered that the arthritis in his hock had flared up.

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I was telling Lisa, who runs the local rescue charity, Greyhound Gap about Gamba and she suggested that I try out a Bioflow collar with him. Lisa has been using them on her greyhounds for 15 years and swore by their reliability. I thought I would try one out as anything was worth a go to try and help Gamba out. I purchased one online for £25 which came in the post the next day. I’ll admit that I was a little bit sceptical about this collar but for the sake of Gamba, i was excited to try it out. 

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With absolutely no exaggeration, within less than 24 hours of Gamba wearing this collar, we could see a difference in the way that Gamba was holding himself and the way that he got off from his bed. We assumed that we were just seeing things that we wanted to, or that we were just looking out for improvements in him but he just continued to get better and better. After a few days he was leaping from his bed when he saw that it was time for his food, running out of the door and charging up our steps to go to the loo. He has gradually got better and better. Even my parents commented that he was “like a different dog. After 5 weeks of wearing the collar, we are now taking him for a 2 mile walk every single morning and evening and he loves it! He doesn’t seem to be in any pain at all, he’s not stiff after the walk and he continues to move freely and comfortably. It is honestly like we have reversed time to a year ago before he started having any of these problems. 

This collar hasn’t just helped Gamba physically but the effect it has had on his temperament is also significant and noticeable. He is far less grumpy with other dogs, is more affectionate and actually looks younger. It’s like the spark has returned to his eyes. I’d like to point out at this stage that I’m not affiliated with Bioflow in any way shape or form, but I highly recommend giving this collar a go. I can’t guarantee anything of course for your dogs but it is completely worth it for a measly £25. The sense of relief it has given to us and to Gamba is worth so much more. 

Please note, the collar won't replace a normal collar as it's not strong enough. It is to be worn with a dogs existing collar, however I have been told that someone managed to get the magnet out and thread their Sweetpea and Boo collar through I'll give it a try with Gamba's!

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