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One of the many (many) great things about lovely Leek is the amount of places that are dog friendly, even some of the fantastic shops that you wouldn't expect to be dog friendly are! As a dog photographer and proud owner of two dogs myself, this really makes a difference to where we choose to spend our weekends. One of the places my fiancé and our dogs love to visit in Leek is Spout Coffee Shop on St. Edwards Street.

Spout is a little quirky haven with a unique décor and lots of little nooks and crannies giving you a great experience as well as a great meal, snack or drink. As you can see from the photos, Spout looks really cool inside and out and provides something completely different to your average coffee shop. Some of the little private areas in the shop are perfect for your dogs  to stretch out and have a rest after walking around Leek or walking in the Peak District. What's more, one of the two booths at the back or at the front of the café are perfect if you and your dog/s would appreciate a little extra privacy. Spout are so dog-friendly that most of the time they even have dog treats to give to your little mates.

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As well as Spout providing a great atmosphere, the menu is very varied giving lots of good options even for vegans. The Spout power smoothie, power salads and the humous and veg dipping platters in particular are delicious and leave you feeling full but not guilty. If you would like a little treat, some of the offerings on the menu look delicious such as the Staffordshire Oatcakes and the warm wraps. The freshly made cakes on the counter look almost too good! You need some strong resolve when ordering your drinks and food not to be tempted by them. If you haven't got resolve, the good news is that some of cakes are actually healthy! The menu is particularly brilliant if you are in a group as there really is something for everybody. All coffees or hot chocolate can usually be served with almond milk – perfect for vegans or food intolerances. There is also a large selection of different teas by Tea Pig.

Rachell in particular really knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition and since having healthy options is clearly a priority for Spout, she seems to be more than happy to discuss ingredients with the more health-conscious customers. I went into Spout earlier this week for a drink with Mia, the 16 week old Collie x Husky pup after our photoshoot at the Roaches. She gave us a little testimonial of her time at Spout for other dogs to consider before dropping in with their humans. You can find Spout coffee shop here on their Facebook page :)

Mia’s testimonial: “I am only 16 weeks old so this was my first time in a coffee shop, everybody made me feel very welcome! I had lots of pats from the nice people in there and it was a lovely place to have a rest. Here I am enjoying a latte!”

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