Sutton Hall Walk

This next post of my dog friendly places blog is of a place that I have been wanting to review for a while now. I’ve been back many times now because it’s just so good! 

Today I took my Parsons Jack Russell Terrier-Dolly on a walk around Sutton near to Macclesfield. My Rhodesian Ridgeback-Gamba couldn’t come unfortunately because the arthritis in his leg gives him some pain if he walks for too long, we’re doing some short walks with him and giving him Golden paste to try and ease his discomfort a little and to build up his leg strength too. Hopefully he will be back up to full strength in no time!

Sutton is a lovely little village located just off the Macclesfield road as you start to arrive in to Macclesfield from the direction of Leek. The walk begins and ends at Sutton Hall, a gorgeous 480 year old manor house. It was once a family home of the Earl of Lucan and is also a former convent. Sutton hall is really stunning inside and out. The decor is lovely with big comfy chairs and a roaring fire in the winter too. The outdoor area is fantastic with a large patio surrounding by a lawn, perfect for cooling off with a drink after a nice dog walk. 

The food isn’t your standard pub food, with lots of interesting and delicious options, even ones suitable for many different dietary requirements. The staff have always been attentive, friendly and polite with me, which seems to be quite rare in pubs these days! There are light bites if you are looking for something a bit smaller as well as a good beer, ale, wine and soft drink selection, but the best part is…it’s dog friendly. In fact, when we last went with Gamba before his arthritis started playing up again he spent hours warming himself in front of the fire whilst the majority of patrons gave him a fuss and had a chat to us about him - Sutton Hall isn’t just dog friendly-they’re dog lovers! 

To start the walk from Sutton Hall you actually head back out of the entrance and take a left. I accidentally did the walk backwards to the official one that you can access online. Reading the instructions backwards during my walk was certainly interesting at one point! You can find the walking guide by clickinghere. It’s worth noting that you do go through 3 or 4 fields that may have cattle or sheep in so make sure you have your dog(s) under control. I only encountered one field with some cows though during my walk. As a side note to this, try not to be too worried when walking through fields of cows. Unbeknown to most people the only time you should be really aware of them is if they have young calves with them. The majority of the time cows and bulls will ignore you, just don’t let your dog run up to them! Growing up on a farm means I feel really comfortable around cows, I’ve got some cool photos of them up close whilst my fiancé Sarah freaks out and hides behind a wall HA!

The walk is flat all of the way aside from some steps that you need to go up to a bridge. The walk is only 4 miles so it’s nice for a relaxing sunday stroll that will help tire the dogs out. The countryside that you pass through on the walk is really gorgeous and quiet. You’ll go along the canal, past Sutton Reservoir and walk through some woodland too. I was lucky enough to get pretty close to a heron on the canal at one point during the walk too. I made it back to Sutton Hall with enough time left to get a snack of olives and sweet potato fries (which were the nicest i’ve ever tasted) before heading home to get ready for another dog photoshoot.

So why not plan a day to check out Sutton Hall and the walk? Click here to decide what you want to eat before you go :) 

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