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Sweetpea & Boo

My quest to find the best, local dog friendly places brings us to Getliffes Yard in Leek. Getliffes Yard is a quaint Victorian style cobbled passageway that (if you’ve ever been to Leek) you may have walked past without noticing the fantastic boutiques located there. One of my dogs - Dolly particularly loves Getliffes Yard as she once found a stray piece of bacon and thought all of her Christmases had come at once! (Note-there isn’t usually pieces of bacon lying around Getliffes Yard, this was just a one off from a discarded sandwich).

Sweetpea & Boo are one of the fantastic and quirky shops in Getliffes Yard that is well worth a special trip to Leek. If you’re like me and you want the best for your furry pal you will absolutely love this shop! Sweetpea & Boo specialise in collars, leads and harnesses that are all handmade there in the shop with some fantastic materials such as Harris Tweed and in a huge range of pattern varieties. When you walk in, you will find Emma making one of her masterpieces at her sewing machine whilst one of her two Bassett Hounds, Betty and Baz watches on with approval. Emma is always more than happy to discuss what your dog (or cat) would like in terms of materials, patterns and any additional accessories (such as some lovely male and female bows) and gives great advice about what would work well with your dog’s colourings if they are looking for a bit of inspiration.

As well as the excellent bespoke collars, leads, harnesses and accessories, there are lots of other lovely items to purchase such as cushions, wooden beds, water bowls, dog pins and cards, even dog-themed umbrellas!  All of the items in Sweetpea & Boo are unique, handmade and have a fantastic attention to detail. If you are looking for something a bit special and lovingly made, then you and your dog will most definitely LOVE this shop. 

When you’ve finished chatting with Emma and you’ve managed to drag your eyes off the gorgeous things in Sweetpea and Boo, you could take a trip with your pooch to Spout and snap up one of their fantastic dog friendly booths – click here to read more about Spout.

My dogs-Gamba and Dolly recently ordered Harris Tweed collars and leads from Sweetpea & Boo to best match their colourings. Emma was more than happy to discuss their requirements with them. Here is a photo of them together, proudly showing off their new collars:

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