Hi, I’m Will. Welcome to my dog photography website. I’ve loved dogs all of my life, so much so that I ran a popular boarding kennels from 2011 until Winter 2014. I loved the quirkiness and the individuality of each dog that I met at the kennels and so I decided to take photos of them during their stay for their owners to see what they had been up to. Until then I had only taken photos as a side hobby but the responses from the dog’s owners were incredible. It wasn’t long before dog owners were choosing the boarding kennels just for the photographs that were taken of them during their stay! After then, I continued to take many different photos as a hobby and on request from friends and family members, including my gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback which you will see featured in my portfolio. Gamba is 10 years old and has grey chops. He still loves to gallop around but he loves to sleep! His full name is Monduri Zuhri Gamba :) 

After the kennels, I really missed capturing the different characteristics of the many dogs I met and so I decided to combine my love of photography and my love of dogs to set up my own dog photography business – Staffordshire Phodography.

In May 2017 I was awarded 3rd place for the category of 'Dogs at play' in the Kennel Club Dog Photographer Of The Year. To date this has been my biggest achievement and it was such an honour to receive the award! You can view my winning image here 

People like the idea of having a photoshoot with me because taking photographs of dogs yourself can be a little tricky as I’m sure you will have experienced, fortunately my many years of experience in working with dogs means that I have established some good tricks to try and get them to cooperate with the camera. All dogs are unique and different. I really enjoy looking at photos of the dogs that I have taken, they make me smile and that is what I set out to achieve with Staffordshire Phodography – capturing the unique personality of your dog “because your best friend is like no other”. You can connect with me on Facebook too if you would like to get a further sense of what I do.

Thanks for reading


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